Pray for Others

At Joy Community, we believe in the power of prayer.  Please pray for these public prayer requests and click the "praying hands" to let that person know they are being prayed for,  and watch for updates.  


Please please pray for my dads neighbor. She had to get airlifted from her school to the hospital because of her heart. Pray that the doctors will figure out what is wrong. She is in her early 40’s.


Thank and praise God - after surgery and testing the 19 year old nephew of our son in-law is cancer free! He had a rare testicular cyst .


Prayer for my niece dad he is in the hospital


For Michelle Huesemann, healing from cancer


Pray for healing for my son in law’s 19 year old nephew facing surgery Wednesday sept 6 for testicular cancer . We are praying that the cancer has not spread .